Founded in February 2006, Prosper revolutionized the process for getting a personal loan. Rather than going directly to a uk payday loan provider, it was the first peer-to-peer (P2P) lender. In layman’s terms, this means that they offer a money exchange where people lend money to other people at varying rates of APR.

Using Groups at Prosper

Prosper allows its members to join a specialist group, such as college alumni or accountants. Group leaders aren’t paid Prosper employees; this means that anyone can become one. Choose a group carefully as some have poor records of loan repayment that could put lenders off. It is worthwhile reading the Prosper forums to identify the best groups to join.

Writing a Prosper Listing

In order to get a Prosper personal loan, a basic requirement is that those seeking to borrow money create a listing. The aim of the listing is to personalise the lending process and set out why the personal loan is needed and how it will be repaid. Should a bad credit rating present an issue, the Prosper listing should be used to explain why this is the case.

How the Prosper Bidding System Works

A borrower posts a listing that states the size of the Prosper personal loan required and the rate of APR they are prepared to pay. Lenders then bid for a portion of the amount sought in order to spread personal risk in the event of loan default. Once sufficient bids are received to cover the personal loan, the rate of APR can be bid down.

What Happens Once a Prosper Personal Loan is Agreed?

Prosper will perform several verification checks, including an identification check to prove the applicant’s identity and to comply with anti money laundering regulations. Once everything is finalised, the money will be paid to a borrower’s bank account and they have their repayment taken directly from their bank account each month.

Prosper unsecured loans provide comprehensive service, although it does have its critics, especially on the lending side. Prosper allows people with good credit ratings to secure a low APR personal loan. If struggling with affordability issues, think carefully before taking on an additional Prosper personal loan. A debt solution, such as a debt management plan, may help to lower monthly repayments.